More About Me

Maria Elena Lopez is a highly accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience as a skilled hairdresser. Embarking on a new chapter in her career, she has successfully transitioned into the dynamic world of real estate. As a dedicated and full-time realtor, Maria Elena brings a unique blend of expertise from both her previous career and her long-standing residency in Florida since 1993.

Maria Elena's extensive background in the beauty industry has cultivated her exceptional interpersonal skills, keen attention to detail, and an innate ability to understand and cater to her clients' needs. These qualities seamlessly translate into her real estate practice, where she establishes strong connections with her clients and delivers personalized solutions to meet their specific preferences.
Combining her hairdressing background with her real estate career, Maria Elena brings a unique perspective to the table. She understands that finding the ideal home involves more than just the property itself-it's about creating a space that reflects her clients' individual style and aspirations. Her keen eye for aesthetics and the ability to envision the potential of a property sets her apart in the industry. Maria Elena's creative approach allows her to effectively stage and market homes, ensuring they make a lasting impression on potential buyers.
As a dedicated professional, Maria Elena manages both her real estate business and hairdressing clientele with equal commitment and enthusiasm. Her unwavering work ethic and exceptional time management skills enable her to provide unparalleled service in both realms, ensuring her clients receive the utmost attention and care.

Maria Elena Lopez is not only a trusted realtor but also a seasoned hairdresser, seamlessly combining her wealth of experience in both fields. With her passion for real estate, deep knowledge of the Miami market, and a natural talent for understanding her clients' desires, Maria Elena is the ideal partner for anyone seeking a seamless and fulfilling real estate experience in the vibrant city of Miami.


Spanish, English